Corporate Responsibility

Grupo Illice works actively and voluntarily for a better society in three different fields: social, economic and environmental. It is for this reason that we focus on a model of “Socially Responsible Company.”

Internally Grupo Illice has adopted a set of CR criteria which principles include transparency in business, good faith in establishing trade relations, and ongoing dialogue with groups of interest and social organizations.

  • Responsibility with employees

    Human capital is a key factor in our organization. Therefore, Grupo Illice develops and promotes specific plans to suit the needs of our employees.

    Illice Group has also acquired a strong commitment to the principles of equal opportunities. Both the selection processes and the access to internal promotion are conducted under the same criteria: TALENT, IMPROVEMENT AND DEDICATION.

    As well, and as part of CR politics, Grupo Illice is implementing policies of transparency and transmission of values as means  of integrating Social Responsibility within the corporate culture.

  • Responsibility to society

    Grupo Illice is actively working to expand its Corporate Social Responsibility policy both locally and regionally.

    We consider our main target to engage in partnerships that help improve the situation of marginal groups at risk of exclusion. We also develop measures to encourage the promotion of culture, art and sport in society.

  • Environmental responsibility

    At Grupo Illice Group we understand the importance of respecting and preserving the environment. As a result of our commitment to environmental improvement and sustainable development, in 2010 we were awarded the “Green Enterprise” seal from the CONFEDERACION EMPRESARIAL DE LA PROVINCIA DE ALICANTE.

  • Responsibility with suppliers and customers

    Grupo Illice operates through suppliers and customers in compliance with current Legislation and enforcement of human and labour rights.

  • About us

    Grupo Illice, a company with more than 25 years experience in footwear design, manufacture and sales. Shoes made in Spain. Confort, Young Ladies and Children shoes collections.
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    Grupo Illice – Footwear Manufacture and Sales.
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